ANSWER | Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

cutaneous leishmaniasisThe correct answer is B. Sandfly

Correct Answer Explanation

This photo depicts Leishmaniasis and is transmitted by the sandfly. These are obligate intracellular parasites that are more commonly found in the Middle East and South America. South-central Texas is the only endemic area in the USA. Varying forms of Leishmaniasis can be caused by Leishmania major, L. tropica, L. infantum, L aethiopica, L. mexicana, and L. braziliensis.
The sandfly is also the vector for Oroya fever/Carrion’s disease.

Incorrect Answer Explanation

Blackfly transmits onchocerciasis and tularemia.

Anopheles mosquitos transmit malaria and Filariasis.

Deer ticks cause lyme disease, babesiosis, and human granulocytotropic anaplasmosis.

Dog ticks cause Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.


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