Answer: Pop Quiz #23 – 9/7

Correct Answer: E – Redness and tender blisters at sites of pressure on the hands and feet

Explanation: This chemotherapy-induced acral erythemais common among those taking sorafenib. HFSR is characterized by tender blisters with an erythematous halo localized to areas of increased pressure on the hands and feet. Sorafenib is a chemotherapy drug. Common side effects include anemia, alopecia, thrombocytopenia, hand-foot syndrome, pruritus, erythema, fatigue, hypertension, and GI upset.

Hypertrichosis can occur secondary to cyclosporine, Q-T prolongation can be seen with pimozide used for delusions of parsitosis and excessive amounts of lidocaine. Cystiis is characteristic of cyclophosphamide, Acneiform eruptions are also common with tyrosine kinase inhibitors,



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