Pop Quiz #56

The correct answer is A. Syringoma. 

Syringomas form on the eyelids, cheeks, chests and can be eruptive. Increased numbers found in persons with Down’s syndrome and a clear cell change has been associated with diabetes. Histologically this is a dermal tumor consisting of eccrine ducts, lined by two cell layers sometimes creating a tad pole appearance, there can also be small basaloid islands or strands of cells. Within the lumens of the ducts is eosinophilic material, the lumens are CEA+. The tumor is located superficially and fails to display perineural extension as is seen in MAC. The glands are associated with a fibrous sclerotic stroma, usually no (or minimal) keratin cysts or foreign body granulomas as seen in desmoplastic trichoepithelioma. Enlargement of the glandular cells and more of a clear or vacuolated cytoplasm can be seen in patients with diabetes. The other answer choices listed are incorrect.


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