Friday Pop Quiz #228





The correct answer is A. Rhombic Flap

The rhombic flap is a type of transposition flap. The classic rhombic flap is designed with two 60-degree angles and two 120-degree angles. The point of maximum tension is at the closure of the donor site.

Incorrect answer explanation: Rotation flaps have incision lines in arcs of rotation recruiting lax skin adjacent to a defect.  An interpolation flap elevates skin of a donor site at a distance to the defect.  The pedicle then traverses over intervening normal skin to reconstruct the defect before being ultimately severed from the donor site pedicle at a later time.  Island pedicle flaps are typically released from all lateral vascular pedicles and advanced into a defect based on a deep vascular pedicle only – giving the final appearance of a kite on a string.  Full thickness skin grafts are disconnected entirely from their vascular pedicle and sutured into a defect – incision lines appear as a full circle or rectangle.


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