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It’s Mnemonic Monday! Hyperlipoproteinemia

On this Mnemonic Monday, we challenge you to remember findings/mutations associated with Familial LPL deficiency (type I hyperlipoproteinemia) with the following mnemonic:

AudRey got lipo for her 1st Cat because he had low self-esteem from being blind and having no abs.

Au(d)Re(y)- Autosomal recessive


LipoLipoprotein lipase deficiency

(for her)

C(at)- Apolipoprotein C-II

(because he had low self-esteem from being)

Blind– lipemia retinalis (opaque yellow retinal vessels)

(and having no)

Ab(s)- abdominal pain/pancreatitis/hepatomegaly

This mnemonic refers to findings/mutations associated with familial hypercholesterolemia/Apo-B deficiency (Type II). This is an Autosomal dominant mutation of LDL receptor or Apo B-100 mutation. It is the most common hyperlipoproteinemia (1:500 heterozygous). Clinically we see tendinous, tuberoeruptive, tuberous, or plane xanthomas (remember plane xanthomas of finger webs are pathognomonic for homozygous Apo B-100 mutation), as well as xanthelasma and atherosclerosis.

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Test your knowledge!

Increased chylomicrons are a feature of which type of hyperlipoproteinemia?

A. Type I

B. Type IIa

C. Type IIb

D. Type III

E. Type IV

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