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Dear Derm Authority: How do I build a strong CV in the age of social media?

Derm Authority

Your CV is your advocate.

It documents and credentials your accomplishments for someone who has never met you. It’s your pitch for an interview. Many hiring physicians are reading your CV on their phone! It must be concise, precise and easy to follow.

The first step is to provide current contact information, phone, personal email and LinkedIn public profile.

Next, Resident/intern/fellows should start with documenting education, internships, and any areas of specialty.

Established physicians  should state relevant clinical practice experience, followed by education, board certification and states of licensure.

Everyone should highlight relevant clinical skills and work experience chronologically by the most recent.  Place job title, organization name, and duties on the left, and dates on the right. The physician reviewing your CV should see immediately that you are qualified for the position to which you are applying.

Did you know? The average time a hiring physician spends reviewing a candidate’s CV is 2 minutes before deciding to accept them…or to pass them over…

CV Tips:

Use bullet points!

Use an easy-to-read font with consistent spacing and structure when listing your stellar educational achievements, roles in professional societies, publications and leadership experience.

Disclosing information on age, health, marital status and children is your personal choice.

If you choose to list references, include 3-5 professionals with their name, title and contact information. Don’t say “references upon request”, as that is a given.

Readability matters

Ensure that you stand out by following these general guidelines. Ask someone to proofread it for you. Remember, your CV is only as strong as its readability…and many people are reading your CV on their phones.  Make it work for you!

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