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Why It Is Important to Join and Participate in Regional Dermatology Societies

There are many benefits to joining a local or regional dermatology society

The decision to join a local or regional dermatology societies is important during residency and post-residency. There are many benefits to joining a local or regional dermatology society. Including, but not limited to, educational opportunities, social interaction and professional stimulation. Another benefit is for community and other greater forms of social outreach including the opportunity to mold dermatology from a political standpoint and enact governmental reform.

It can be especially rewarding to take a leadership role in your local/regional dermatology society.

There are typically several positions to be filled, such as president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, historian and other important roles. By being involved in your local or regional dermatology society you can actively participate in local dermatology matters. For example, meeting highlights are usually a mix of educational aspects and other member interests or concerns. From an educational standpoint, there is sometimes an invited guest speaker and discussion pertaining to complex dermatology cases. Sometimes these events are eligible for continuing medical education (CME) credit. Some meetings include components of political activism (preventing dermatology reimbursement cuts, tanning beds and sphere of practice are often hot topics). Community outreach and volunteerism, such as building sun-safe structures and skin cancer screenings.

The key to joining and participating in your regional dermatology society is that there is usually great return on the amount of time invested. These get-togethers are usually fun and offer a chance to network professionally. They are also a great place to see friends, mentors and colleagues who attend these events as well. You might be surprised to discover and enjoy different aspects of dermatology, such as leadership or political advocacy, that you had not been previously exposed to in dermatology residency training. Becoming an active participant in your regional dermatology society is a great way to broaden your horizons. And remain “plugged into” dermatology post-residency, which is a great way to start your career.