Resident Corner

Exam of the Future Changes! Important Announcement!

The American Board of Dermatology’s Exam of the Future timeline has changed!

Due to recent problems with certifying exam scoring, the American Board of Dermatology is delaying the implementation of the new modular CORE Exam until 2020. As a result of this change, the APPLIED exam will move to 2021.

While the ABD works diligently on finding the correct partner to ensure results issued to every ABD examinee are valid and reliable, they will maintain the current Certifying Examination format.

As stated on the ABD website, the following exams will be offered in 2019:

Administered locally, at your program:

March 11 – 29: ONLINE Practice (In-Training) Exam for Dermatology Residents Year (DRY) 2 and 3
April 11: BASIC Exam for DRY 1

Administered at the American Board of Pathology test center in Tampa, FL:

July 15 – 18, July 22 – 26: Certification Exam for graduating residents

Each cohort of residents can expect to take the following exams:

Current DRY 3 Residents:

2019: Online Practice (In-Training) Exam + Certification Exam

Current DRY 2 Residents:

2019: Online Practice (In-Training) Exam
2020: Online Practice (In-Training) Exam + Certification Exam

Current DRY 1 Residents:

2019: BASIC Exam 2020: CORE Exam 2021: APPLIED Exam

If you have questions about any of the above changes, you can contact the ABD at:

Phone: 617.910.6400 x 4

Email: [email protected]


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