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Gender-Neutral Language in Aesthetic Dermatology | Cheat Sheet

Dermatologists should adopt gender-neutral language in interactions with aesthetic patients, according to “A Genderfluid Approach to Aesthetic Language in Dermatology” by Marc Beuttler, MD, and Jennifer MacGregor, MD, published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology in January 2022. Gender-neutral language helps dermatologists prevent psychological upset or offense for patients with nonbinary gender identity or gender dysphoria. In addition, providing points of contrast helps the dermatologist align more precisely with the patient’s goals.

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As stated in their JDD article, Drs. Marc Beuttler and Jennifer MacGregor “invite and encourage all dermatologists to adopt inclusive and friendly information, language, and symbols on their websites and in marketing materials to give much-needed reassurance to prospective and existing patients. When a patient does present to a dermatologist seeking gender affirming care, a gender-fluid approach supersedes paternalistic and historical preconceptions of gendered beauty ideals and makes way for an inclusive, practical, and empowering physician-patient relationship. By adopting these up-to-date standards, dermatologists will lead the way to better physician-patient interactions across all specialties.”¹


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