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Patient Buzz Series: Flaxseed Mask as a Natural Botox Alternative?

As a dermatologist, you may roll your eyes at one of the latest TikTok trends. The co-founder of an online wellness community recently shared a recipe for a “Botox that you can make at home,” according to In the Know, a Yahoo! News outlet. Her hack is a DIY mask made of flaxseed and water. In the Know shared the posts with a dermatologist who pointed out the false claims made in the TikTok videos. Dr. Teresa Song noted that there are currently no ingredients on the market that compare in efficacy to neuromodulators.

Your patients are learning about skin, hair and nail care from a variety of sources, some credible and some not. Be prepared to educate them during your office visits by checking out the dermatology news making headlines in the consumer press:

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