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Skincare Mondays | A Holistic Approach to Acne Treatment

Acne vulgaris is a multi- factorial skin disease, characterized by proliferation of bacteria, hyperkeratinization, inflammation, and excess sebum production. Acne sufferers want to address all aspects of their acne, including the disease state of the lesions and cosmetic complexion issues, such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and scarring. Treatment outcomes depend on adherence to a prescribed regimen and barriers to treatment are numerous, most notably cost and accessibility.

40% of acne sufferers face barriers to treatment1

35% are deterred by cost of treatment2

27% don’t fill all of their prescriptions3

29% prefer an OTC acne treatment1

Acne can have severely detrimental effects on quality of life, leading to low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.4,5 OTC acne treatments, when used as directed, provide an effective, convenient alternative treatment or bridge to prescription therapy for a holistic approach to improve both acne and complexion concerns and help improve patient quality of life.

New Pivotal Study


Clinically shown to improve acne, overall skin appearance and complexion.6

A Topical Combination Regimen of Benzoyl Peroxide and Retinol Moisturizer for Mild to Moderate Acne. Published in Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, December 2022

Purpose: Evaluate the clinical efficacy and tolerance of a daily regimen of 2.5% BPO to target bacteria, and a stabilized cosmetic retinol to promote surface cell turnover on subjects with mild to moderate facial acne.

Design: 12-week multi-center, evaluator-blind clinical trial of 33 male and female subjects aged 12-29 with mild to moderate acne and a Fitzpatrick skin type of I–V.

See results of the study in the infographic below. Click on the image to enlarge and/or download:


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